Lost in Translation (from Polish)

 Non riesco a capire il senso di questo articolo che cita il mio lavoro con Luca Zavalloni! _________________________________ Autore: Rafal WosArticoli: Gazzetta Giornale legale(da http://forsal.pl/artykuly/649609,wos_niemcy_i_recesja_byc_moze.html ) Questa storia non poteva durare per sempre. Germania, che ha grandi economie occidentali di fronte alla crisi, sono sulla soglia della recessione. Questo è un motivo di tristezza o […]

Moody’s Moods (on Italy)

In a recent report on the Euro Area Periphery, the rating agency Moody’s makes the point that the implementation of structural reforms by the euro area’s periphery countries have achieved improvements,  although have not yet fully resolved the external imbalances that developed in these countries prior to the crisis. The report also says that the […]

Contagion? What Contagion?

The Greek bankruptcy (happened already with the debt restructuring), the ungovernability of the country sanctioned by the polls, and the prospect of exit from the Euro, evoke the specter of “contagion”. The fear shaking markets, governments as well as depositors, is that the precipitation of the Greek crisis will cause a crack on a continental […]

Italy: Time Is (Not) On Our Side

(Paolo Manasse and Giulio Trigilia, voxeu.org, 19//2011) Imagine that you lent some money to an hypothetical country, let’s call it I + – + y (with no loss of generality), whose vulnerabilities have long been known: stagnant total factor productivity,  high debt,  an inclination for fiscal deficits,  a level of tax compliance in line with […]