Top Paper !

I am very happy to share the mail received by my coauthor Luca Zavalloni from Michael C. Jensen the Chairman of the Social Science Research Network, concerning our recently posted paper on Contagion in Europe. Well done Luca (and myself) ! _________________________________________________________ Dear Luca Zavalloni: Your paper, “SOVEREIGN CONTAGION IN EUROPE: EVIDENCE FROM THE CDS […]

Why Privatization Is No Panacea for Greece

(from Voxeu)  The Greek Minister of Finance Papaconstantinou announced on Monday a plan to create a Sovereign Wealth Fund, a sort of Greek “Treuhandanstalt”[1] that would implement the ambitious privatization program agreed with the EU and the IMF. The plan should raise approximately €50 billion by 2015. About €15 billion, within 2013, should come from […]