Privatizations and Debt : Lessons From The Greek Fiasco

 In the midst of the European Debt Crisis, it is tempting to think that high-debt countries could alleviate the recessionary impact of the budget consolidation process by selling (poorly managed) assets and stakes in their state owned enterprises (SOEs), and by using the proceeds to buy back their debts. In addition to providing a cushion […]

Why Privatization Is No Panacea for Greece

(from Voxeu)  The Greek Minister of Finance Papaconstantinou announced on Monday a plan to create a Sovereign Wealth Fund, a sort of Greek “Treuhandanstalt”[1] that would implement the ambitious privatization program agreed with the EU and the IMF. The plan should raise approximately €50 billion by 2015. About €15 billion, within 2013, should come from […]