Nouriel on how the Germans see us..

Nouriel Roubini e Brunello Rosa ,  re-posted from Like everybody, Germany was surprised by the Italian election; it had hoped a coalition of the incumbent prime minister, Mario Monti, and center-left leader, Pier Luigi Bersani, could run Italy and continue pursuing “Plan A.” In all likelihood, such an outcome would have led to Italy […]

Lost in Translation (from Polish)

 Non riesco a capire il senso di questo articolo che cita il mio lavoro con Luca Zavalloni! _________________________________ Autore: Rafal WosArticoli: Gazzetta Giornale legale(da,wos_niemcy_i_recesja_byc_moze.html ) Questa storia non poteva durare per sempre. Germania, che ha grandi economie occidentali di fronte alla crisi, sono sulla soglia della recessione. Questo è un motivo di tristezza o […]

The Naught Super Euro Club

Today’s Le Figaro  writes that Merkel and Sarkozy are drawing up an emergency plan for a Super Euro Club  to be discussed in the EU meeting of December 9 and to be implemented as early as January February 2012. The plan may envisage new “intrusive” powers to the European Commission and the EU Council, possibly […]