Paris Slides on Monti and Growth

My previous article on Monti “survival” possibilities (see here or on Nouriel’s website) was based on a presentation that I gave at a meeting organized by Cheuvreux, a French broker, in Paris on September 17. There, I summarized Monti ‘s reforms, the state of their implementation and the likely effects on Italy’s GDP. Finally, I […]

A Mail from from China

Today I riceived the mail below from a Chinese student. I guess it’s quite representative of how they view us there ——————————————————————- Hello!       My name is Henry. I am a senior student from Jinan university of Shandong province in China. Specialized in economics and admire your talent in economics very much. In summer vocation, […]

Il Club Zero del Super Euro

Oggi Le Figaro scrive che la Merkel e Sarkozy stanno elaborando un piano d’emergenza per il  Club di Super Euro da discutere nella riunione europea del 9 dicembre e da attuare giĆ  nel gennaio-febbraio 2012. Il piano prevedrebbe nuovi poteri “invasivi” per la Commissione europea e il Consiglio dell’UE, eventualmente anche il di veto sui bilanci […]

The Naught Super Euro Club

Today’s Le Figaro  writes that Merkel and Sarkozy are drawing up an emergency plan for a Super Euro Club  to be discussed in the EU meeting of December 9 and to be implemented as early as January February 2012. The plan may envisage new “intrusive” powers to the European Commission and the EU Council, possibly […]

Berlusconi: Will his fall bring down or save the Euro?

(forthcoming in Foreign Affairs) Since the onslaught of the 2008 financial crisis, many economists had been forewarning the EU nightmare scenario now unfolding: a slow but inescapable domino effect as the economies of Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, and Italy (the PIGS, or PIIGS for the Italy-pessimists) collapsed. Yet most observers got the ordering wrong: the […]