A Mail from from China

Today I riceived the mail below from a Chinese student. I guess it’s quite representative of how they view us there
     My name is Henry. I am a senior student from Jinan university of Shandong province in China.
Specialized in economics and admire your talent in economics very much.
In summer vocation, my schoolmates and I have done some research on the
international economic. As a result, we reach some conclusion, we hope
we can get your precious opinion.
1. For
the CNY, the bursting of the asset bubble, financial liberalization,
privatization, the implementation of the Chinese version of the “Real
Plan”. The transfer of the factory of the world to Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, and the Brazilian Olympic economy, Australia will continue to drive the development of mining economy, at the same time, the Indochina Peninsula process of national industrialization and go agriculturalization to speed up the process.
2. For
the euro, the weak economic growth, more debt, fiscal austerity,
immigration, the welfare dispute caused by the religion, The euro will
split or disappear.
3. For
the USD, QE3 will be launched after the euro launched the “unlimited
debt purchase plan” , Revising the dollar index weights.
4. For the U.S. debt held by Asian and European countries, there will be two ways to solve it
A. Release more hot money into Asian countries through carrying out Quantitative
Easing, pushing up asset bubble, weakening their agricultural.
Continually pushing the price of commodities, and the governments have
to raise the interest rates continuously, then the bubble break, the
economic crisis comes.
Break the asset bubble of Asian country, detonate the debt, the Asian
and European countries will experience the same debt crisis, China, Hong
Kong, Japan, Korea, the UK and Europe will experience the great
 About the economic crisis and operation of the market, we are confused about several question, we would really appreciate it if you can give us some advices.
 1、 What do you think of my view? How should we overcome human nature –greedy in the capital market?
2、 The
market is constantly changing and full of illusion, when it is going
far away from your initial expectation, what do you always operate?
3、 How did you build your own investment principles? If it is ok, can you tell us your investment principles?
I am looking forward to your reply, Thank you very much!
This was my answer:
Dear Henry, 
                    good job! And keep on studying economics..