The Mario-Monti-Probability-Calculator

About a month ago I discussed in Economonitor the likelihood that the “Monti Agenda” of budgetary discipline (so far large tax increases and promises of spending cuts ) and growth oriented liberalizations (yet to be implemented) would still be at the core of agenda of the next Italian government, after the 2013 elections. In Italy, […]

Paris Slides on Monti and Growth

My previous article on Monti “survival” possibilities (see here or on Nouriel’s website) was based on a presentation that I gave at a meeting organized by Cheuvreux, a French broker, in Paris on September 17. There, I summarized Monti ‘s reforms, the state of their implementation and the likely effects on Italy’s GDP. Finally, I […]

Letter to Mario Xmas

(from 25 Dec 2012) Dear Mario Xmas,                        This year I have behaved quite well with the students, so I ask you bring me these reforms (knowing that you may not not satisfy many of these wishes, for reasons of political arithmetic). I would like you to bring me:  · the privatization of the […]