The Probability Of A “Monti-Bis” Takes A Hit

The victory of Pierluigi Bersani in the primary elections for the leadership of the Democratic Party in Italy reduces the chances of the Monti Agenda. In September I discussed in Economonitor the plausibility of a “Monti bis”, the possibility that the next Italian government will carry forward the ‘”Monti Agenda” of budgetary discipline and structural […]

The Mario-Monti-Probability-Calculator

About a month ago I discussed in Economonitor the likelihood that the “Monti Agenda” of budgetary discipline (so far large tax increases and promises of spending cuts ) and growth oriented liberalizations (yet to be implemented) would still be at the core of agenda of the next Italian government, after the 2013 elections. In Italy, […]

Is Mario Monti going to Be the Next Italian Prime Minister?

Investors and political leaders around the world are considerably worried that the new government that will emerge from the next Italian elections in April 2013 will not be headed by Mario Monti nor will purse the “Monti Agenda” of structural reform and fiscal discipline. The worries are well founded, for several reasons. Economics.. On one […]