Nemo propheta in patria

This month is no exception: this blog’s views  from the US are about 6.5 times those from Italy (I wonder the interests from Ukraine)…   Visualizzazioni di pagine per paese (Page Views by Country) Stati Uniti 6047 Italia 923 Ucraina 377 Romania 280 Germania 116 Federazione Russa 112 Francia 98 Cina 68 Qatar 58 Paesi […]

A Pessimistic Note on the Euro

On February 7, I gave a talk a the Conference “America: Still A European Power?” in Bologna jontly organized by Johns Hopkins University-SAIS and Bologna University. (a more elaborate version of this post was later posted on voxeu e linkiesta ) The title of my presentation was “Why and How the US and the EU […]

A Brighter Future? A Global Poll

Table 1 Dukascopy, a Swiss Forex Bank, runs  a monthly Survey on Global and Regional Economic Developments by asking a panel of  international “experts” and researchers (including myself) based in several Universities around the world (*),  how they see developments in EU, US&Canada and Asia. Numbers below 0.5 mean negative outlooks (0 being the worse) […]