Renzi & Acemoglu

According to Francesco Giavazzi’s  editorial on today’s Corriere della Sera , the Prime Minister Renzi is getting the “reform sequence right”, first institutions, second economics, as Renzi is convinced that, “following one of the most promising research line of recent economic theory, see  Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson “Why Nations Fail”, a country’s success depends […]

Monti and the “Mother of All Reforms”

(wonkish) Whether Mario Monti will be remembered as Italy‚Äôs savior (from default) or as just another well-meaning economics professor,  will largely depend on the government’s “Phase2”. In “Phase 1”, the government aimed at adopting “structural” reforms that would durably curb the budget deficit. The pension reform, the property tax  and and the anti tax-evasion measures […]