A Debt Buy-Back Is Bad for Greece

According to FT Deutschland (quoted by Eurointelligence) on Saturday EU ministers agreed on a mix of measures, including buyback of Greek debt with EFSF money, tapping ECB and national central banks profits on Greek bond purchases and lowering interest rates on bilateral loans to Athens. These buybacks are beneficial to creditors (now mainly EU and […]

La Ristrutturazione del Debito Greco Decisa a Bruxelles

Riproduco sotto una esaustiva spiegazione delle decisioni circa la ristrutturazione del debito greco prese ieri a Bruxelles. L’autore รจ David Nowakowski, Fixed Income and Credit Strategist at RGE (Roubini Global Economics) ————— For over a year here at RGE, we have argued that a solution to the Greek debt insolvency crisis should include an orderly […]