Obesità e fallimenti del mercato

In questo bellissimo articolo Ken Rogoff spiega molto bene come il fallimento della regolamentazione dei mercati sia IL problema del capitalismo di oggi, ben aldilà del  solo mercato finanziario

“Highly processed corn-based food products, with lots of chemical additives, are well known to be a major driver of weight gain, but, from a conventional growth-accounting perspective, they are great stuff. Big agriculture gets paid for growing the corn (often subsidized by the government), and the food processors get paid for adding tons of chemicals to create a habit-forming – and thus irresistible – product. Along the way, scientists get paid for finding just the right mix of salt, sugar, and chemicals to make the latest instant food maximally addictive; advertisers get paid for peddling it; and, in the end, the health-care industry makes a fortune treating the disease that inevitably results.”..