Attention! Research Grant for PhD Students/Holders

I am re-posting this article inviting applications for a Research Grant for PhD students on the project on “Mixed Marriages in Italy”
Some time ago I posted an article wondering  if  Italian Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. The initial curiosity has led to a research project involving researchers at the University of Bologna, University of California at Davis, and Istat, with which we plan to build a major data sets borrowed from a variety of sources. The main “research questions” are:

1. What are the determinants of differences in gender preferences, considering both Italians and various groups of foreigners, with respect to the choice of contracting a mixed marriage?

  2. Do mixed marriages “displace” “non-mixed” marriages or do they concern people who otherwise would not have married?

3. Does the presence of foreign immigrants in the marriage market  influence the likelihood of a second marriage?

4. What is the role of differences in culture / religion, beyond the differences in income, age, education, etc., in the explanation of  separation choices?

The Department of Economics has launched a research grant for a student who has completed or is completing his PhD and wants to work on this project.  The call the research grant can be found  here (I Matrimoni Misti in Italia)  , with deadline the 31 January; the list of candidates invited to meet with the Selection Committee will be published on February1, and the meeting will take place on February 4, 2013